White Women Are The Only Group That Matters

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Donald Trump has offended every single minority group that exists in America. He has continuously and unapologetically disrespected underrepresented groups of people for months, even years. He has blatantly mocked those with disabilities, and began a campaign to build a wall to keep foreigners out. Minority groups and their allies have been calling for America to de-throne Trump and withdraw support for months. However, Americans are just now becoming appalled by his words and actions after his latest blunder.

Republicans were slightly agitated when Trump insulted African Americans, they were a bit bothered when he attacked Mexicans, but now they are completely outraged after his newest flub. He insulted America’s most precious group of people: white women. Despite the many protests against Trump’s blatant racism, sexism, and ableism, it took an explicit attack on women (some of whom happen to be white) to make America truly outraged. Trump’s latest comments now apply to the wives, sisters, and daughters of those Caucasian individuals who previously ignored his insulting remarks against other communities. Videos of Trump from 2005 re-surfaced, and they featured him bragging about his ability to grope and have sex with married women. Several Republicans have since condemned Trump and pulled their support, stating that they can’t support him based on his comments, since these comments apply to their wives, sisters, and daughters. His own wife, Melania and his vice president, Pence, have also publicly taken issue with his latest remarks. The question is, why now? Why is everyone suddenly condemning Trump for his out-of-line comments? Is it because these comments have now become personal?