The U.S. = The Original ISIS

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It is no secret (or surprise) that the number of hate crimes against minorities has greatly increased since the election of Donald Trump. Muslims have been labeled as one of the most targeted groups in the United States, especially since the attacks on 9/11. Trump has notoriously vowed to ban all Muslims from the U.S. since the very beginning of his campaign. Since he has been elected, however, Trump has somewhat gone back on many of his promises to expel Muslims from the U.S. In spite of these regressions, Muslims are understandably still worried about what Trump’s America could look like. Not only is he surrounding himself with bigots and Islamophobes, but the problematic statements of these leaders have also prompted many vicious attacks.

The most recent attack took place at Ohio State University. A Somalian man by the name of Abdul Razak Ali Artan drove through a crowd of students on campus, slashing multiple people with a butcher knife in the process. ISIS took responsibility for the attack, although no linking evidence was found at the scene of the crime. It was reported that Artan posted on Facebook that he was “sick and tired” of Muslims being mistreated. Trump immediately took to Twitter to inform the world that Artan should have never been in the U.S. in the first place.

Due to the blatant hatred coming from the United States, this causes many to wonder if these incidents are, in a sense, warranted. The U.S. has long been discriminatory and oppressive towards all minorities, especially Muslims. The possibility exists that ISIS, and other copycat individuals are simply continuing to perpetuate the hate that the U.S. has already projected on themselves, as well as the rest of the world. The United States is known for waging war, useless fighting, injustice, and displacing innocent groups of people. Are other cultures simply mimicking what the U.S. has been doing all along?