The “Church” of Scientology


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The Church of Scientology is notorious for being the center of scandal and controversy. Members of scientology are known for being wealthy celebrities who donate considerable amounts of money to the “church.” There is much debate as to whether or not the church of scientology is even, in fact, a church at all. Scientology is defined as a religion that is based on a set of scientific beliefs and practices; many of which are in direct conflict with modern day science.

Because of her new show on A&E, King of Queens star, Leah Remini is under fire for her ousting of the Church of Scientology. She has been revealing the deepest, darkest secrets of the “church” and all of those that are involved in it. While scientology is known for its extremely secretive nature, the most common factor that seems to come to light is the physical, mental, and sexual abuse experienced by the members of the church. Throughout the series, Remini makes the point that a true “church” should not, and does not use religion against its followers, or for any kind of abuse. This raises the question, what constitutes a legitimate religion? Is there such a thing as a true and legitimate religion? Who has the power to establish these rules?