Is The Black Struggle Only For Blacks?

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Rachel Dolezal is continuing to perpetuate this trans-racial persona that pushed her to fame back in 2015. This week, Dolezal announced that she is releasing a book that is due to arrive in stores in March of 2017. The name of the book: In Full Color. Many were rather confused and taken aback by this news, as the book is set to detail her struggle of being black. The summary given on the back cover of the book states, “…she’ll discuss the deep emotional bond she formed with her four adopted black siblings, the sense of belonging she felt while living in black communities in Jackson, Mississippi and Washington, D.C., and the discrimination she’s suffered while living as a black woman.” Is it possible to write a book on the black struggle, without actually being black? Twitter doesn’t seem to think so.


And the bizarre Rachel Dolezal saga continues. It seems that she is making a mockery out of the black experience. There are several writers of color struggling everyday to get their work published and circulated to the public. A Caucasian woman like Dolezal, however, claims blackness and immediately secures a book deal on a topic that we are not sure she is capable of accurately discussing. This raises questions as to whether or not Dolezal is simply delusional, or if she is just too far deep in her lies to back out now. It seems that the world may never fully know or understand her exact motives, or what truly lies beneath her excessively teased hair. The only thing that we can be sure of, is that there’s a first for everything.