Ann Coulter Tries (and fails) To Take On Beyoncé & Michelle Obama

A recent tweet by Ann Coulter has the twitterverse in an uproar. She tweeted:


Read the full story here.

Twitter immediately clapped back at Coulter, due to the inaccuracy of her tweet. Those lyrics are actually those of Nicki Minaj, not Beyonce. However, Michelle Obama is still under fire for her consistent support of rappers and singers such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Common, amongst others. As a result of their promiscuous lyrics, many find it appalling that Michelle Obama would site these individuals as role models for her daughters. While many twitter users noted that Beyoncé twerks, squats, and does other suggestive dance moves, other Twitter users made sure to point out that sexual talk/dancing ≠ sexual assault. Therefore, this still does not justify the comments made by Donald Trump, which is seemingly where Ann Coulter was going with this tweet. And who said Ann Coulter (and the rest of the twitterverse) has the right to be the judge of what is considered to be inappropriate for someone’s children and what is not? It’s okay for the world to admire Miley Cyrus’ “free-spirited” bold new personality and look, but the Obama girls are not allowed to admire Beyoncé’s feministic approach to music?

In what world are the lyrics of any singer 100% appropriate? The day-to-day language of the average person contains at least some profanity and/or provocative comments. The only music in the world without any cursing or sexual innuendos is religious music, and of course, Kidz Bop. (However, Kidz Bop has been getting a little more promiscuous lately). Is it possible for the Obama girls to be completely sheltered from all sexual innuendos, racy dancing, and profanity? Absolutely not. They have to grow up at some point, just like the rest of the children in the world. How does Ann Coulter think that children come into this world? The stork method?



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